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  • Puppy diarrhea: treatments and remedies

    Puppy Diarrhea: What should I do?

    Shit. Yes, I said it. It's disgusting to deal with, especially when it's not your own. Fortunately, for most dog owners it is the simple pretty problem - that you have the plastic pouches, the small hand dispenser for when your dog goes walkies, and usually your dog can take care of it by itself when you It leaves you out.

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  • How much does a pomeranian cost?

    Pomeranians are a good choice if you like energetic, playful, and intelligent animals. They keep a watchful eye on everything around them, and they will not back down to a challenge despite their small size. With a weight of only 5 to 7 pounds with a height of less than one foot, they are small hairballs that often think they are as big as you. As for the purchase price, consider the following.

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  • how much does a Havanese cost?

    Small, robust, and full of charm, the Habaneros is a dog that easily coaxes the happiness of its owners. However, while they are about to stage the famous elastic fluffy layer of race and that make you smile, will you be welcome to one in your home be too much for your wallet to bear?

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